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We at ASC have processed more than 6 million claims during the last 24 years. This is why our commitment is to always offer you an excellent service with the best tools and alternatives to make the process easy for you. If you had a traffic accident, and at least one of the vehicles involved was insured by ASC compulsory liability insurance, you must file a claim with us. Before proceeding with the claim it is important to have the following information:
  • Complaint number
  • Date of the accident
  • Vehicle license
  • License plate numbers for all the vehicles involved in the accident
You also must have notified the accident to the Police within 48 hours of the incident.
Below you will find a list of alternatives to begin the claim process:

Online Claim:

Making an online claim with ASC is easy, safe and fast. We provide the alternative of making a claim or verifying the status of your claim 24/7 at your convenience. You may also schedule an appointment, attach photographs, download and upload documents; complete the whole process with few steps and from any location.

To begin or complete your claim, Register as user and access your account. Our page navigation system will help you throughout the process and will provide assistance as necessary. For your peace of mind you will receive an email with your assigned claim number.

Telephone claim:

You can begin your claim process by calling (787) 622-4242, or (787) 379-5525 for the hearing impaired. During the call, our representative will confirm when you can visit the Service Center of your choice to complete the claim process.


  • When you visit the Service Center bring your car for inspection by an ASC representative and bring the previously mentioned documents.
  • You may receive your check the very same day you visit the Service Center if you provide all the necessary information and the claim process can be completed.
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