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The compulsory insurance covers any damages caused by the insured vehicle to another car as a result of a traffic accident in Puerto Rico. For the vehicle to be insured under the compulsory insurance, the driver must have paid the compulsory insurance premium during the renewal of the vehicle inspection sticker. The vehicle will be insured as long as the sticker is current. The compulsory insurance policy is the same for all insurance companies providing the insurance coverage and it was approved by the Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner’s Office.

Coverage Limit1

Up to $4,500 per accident covered under the compulsory insurance.

Other supplementary payments:

$100 incentive for repair: Paid when a claimant who was not in any way liable for the accident shows that he or she repaired the car after receiving the insurance payment.
How to claim it?
You can claim your repair incentive through You can also contact our Call Center at (787) 622-4242 for an appointment. All you have to do is bring the repaired car to one of our Service Centers for inspection by one of our representatives.
Towing service reimbursement to insured: Applies to the cost of the towing service to move the damaged car to the home or a safe place, when the vehicle cannot run or move.
How do you claim it?
If you are an ASC policyholder and were not responsible for the collision, you can claim your towing service reimbursement through You can also contact our Call Center at (787) 622-4242 for an appointment. You must submit evidence of the expense incurred. Reimbursement will be made based on the rates approved by the Public Service Commission.
Other supplementary payments as established in the Compulsory Liability Insurance policy.Download pdf

1 This is only a summary of the coverage and provisions of the Compulsory Liability Insurance policy. For more details, please check the contents of the policy in the following link:

Download Policy
*4,500 applies to renewed insurance policies beginning July 1, 2017 through the Selection Form. Prior to July 1, 2017 the coverage limit is $4,000.
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