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Advantages and Benefits

Advantages and Benefits

ASC has processed more than 6 million claims. We handle hundreds of thousands of claims and pay out millions of dollars in compulsory liability insurance benefit payments annually.

Some advantages and benefits of an ASC compulsory liability insurance policy are:

  • Up to $4,500* in coverage per accident, not limited to the number of incidents while the insurance is in effect.
  • As an ASC insured you do NOT have to visit one of our service centers if you have an accident.
  • We are the only company that allows you to submit your entire claim, documents and photographs over the Internet, using any device, at any time.
  • You do not have to meet with the other party involved in the accident.
  • We have service centers throughout the Island.
  • We provide assistance throughout the complete claim process.
  • We offer the best and most complete assistance at our call center. We are ready to answer any question and guide you through the process. All you have to do is call 787-622-4242.
  • We are the preferred Compulsory Liability Insurance in Puerto Rico.
  • We can pay out your claim the same day! Just submit your claim and the required documents.
  • We offer our clients reimbursement for towing services, as stipulated in the Policy.
  • $100 incentive to repair your damaged vehicle. This benefits any affected party that provides evidence of having repaired his or her vehicle after receiving the compulsory liability insurance payment. You are entitled to this incentive payment if you were in no way responsible for the traffic accident and were adjudicated 0% negligence.
  • We reimburse the affected party for the “IVU” (sales and use tax) paid on the parts and labor required to repair the vehicle. This benefit may be in excess of the maximum $4,500* coverage.
  • We offer coverage for the deductible paid to the affected parties that have traditional insurance to cover the damages caused by one of our insured. If you have traditional insurance and you were the injured party in a traffic accident for which an ASC client is legally liable, you may be entitled to reimbursement for the deductible the traditional insurance company subtracted when they indemnified you for the damages suffered.
*4,500 applies to renewed insurance policies beginning July 1, 2017 through the Selection Form. Prior to July 1, 2017 the coverage limit is $4,000.
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